Monday, December 13, 2010

A Different Set of Rules

I heard two disc jockeys this morning literally talking about how stupid "those" people are. They were referring to Islamic folks.

Actually the real idiocy is that common Americans have been brainwashed into a hatred that parallels southern hate for the blacks during the civil rights era. And these guys were feeding into it.

The ridiculous thing is that at the upper levels of banking and corporate activity and in political circles, (within the American 'elite' so to speak), there is no theo-racism. Business people, politicians and corporate management at the international levels deal with Islamics, Buddhists, Christians - all the same. They are respectful of cultural differences and behave in reflection of that: you never hear disparaging language such as I have heard fed to the average American on the news and media.

No- that language is reserved for the people - or "the lower class" as I have also heard spoken of in board rooms and meetings. The real division at this level is one of class, a wealth division. The disparagement is reserved for middle management and downwards on the chain of wealth.

The "lower class" is supposed to buy into the bullshit, you see, to give the 'little people'' a focus of irritation or hatred so that the bullseye is not on the elite. Other races, religions, etc are the perfect foil for the wrongdoings of others.

The lower class is also supposed to buy into the 'socialist' scare tactic. Here is a secret for all you LC's out there- wealthy people make and keep their wealth by practicing socialist collectivism continually.

YOU are supposed to buy your own lawnmower- one of those symbols of American dream/freedom, blah blah. Meanwhile, wealthy communities pool resources (socialism) and hire companies to come in and do all the lawn care at about what you spend for YOUR OWN LAWNMOWER. But they don't have to sweat.

Wealthy people, including those politicians you hear screaming Socialist Scare Tactics every election cycle - constantly pool resources, labor, money, stock, funds, etc and practice pure Socialist Collectivism as a wealth creation and conservation lifestyle. Wealthy people rarely even purchase their own vehicle- it's generally handed them through the purchasing pool of their corporation. (socialism)

You, meanwhile, are supposed to embrace the American Way. The version they have sold you. You are on your own- an individual capitalist, because there needs to be a certain number of peons... err people ..who are buying their own cars, vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, etc.


Because all those payments + interest supports the socialist lifestyle of the ultra wealthy.

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