Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wiley Coyotes

The coyotes have been howling, yipping, woowowing right out back this past week. They wake me up. Could be three of them- or two dozen. It's impossible to tell from the unearthly noise. At night we keep the chickens in a metal stall with bars even a cat can't get through, the goats are big and horned, and the horses big and ornery. So I'm not too worried about the livestock.

But the neighbor stopped by yesterday to let us know he would be shooting at the coyotes between 3am and 6am -he's worried about his cats and dogs.

I don't think its a great idea seeing as we are overrun with jackrabbits this year.  >coyotes= < jackrabbits.

I say he needs to get dogs that will be out there hunting the jackrabbits and scaring off the coyotes. You know, Jet Li type dogs.

But anyway, there were no coyotes to be heard or seen all night last night. Dead  calm  silence.

Little mind readers.

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